Furries: Ferret, Pygmy Hedgehog, Giant Rabbit, Dwarf Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Rat, Degu, Sugar Glider, Syrian Hamster, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbil, Duprasi, Mouse, Spiney Mouse. Feathers: Chicken, Parrot, Conure, Cockatiel, Budgie, Finch, Lovebird, Canary

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Wood - Mixed natural branches
Size - Chonky (about 3cm-5cm)
Weight - 100g

This bundle is specifically for larger breeds of rodents/rabbits as they are very chunky pieces. These are clean offcuts from the workshop hence you get a lot more for your money. They're a mix of different woods but limited to Apple, Pear, Birch, Willow and Hazel. Great for chucking in to supplement natural foraging behavior!

What you see in the bowl is the amount of forage you will receive. We've included a £1 coin for scale reference.

All logs are jetwashed with plain water and naturally air dried.