Furries: Ferret, Pygmy Hedgehog, Dwarf Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, Rat, Degu, Sugar Glider, Syrian Hamster, Dwarf Hamster, Gerbil, Duprasi, Mouse, Spiney Mouse. Feathers: Parrot, Conure, Cockatiel, Budgie, Finch, Lovebird, Canary

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All measurements below are in centimetres.

Ramp and sides
Height (including baton) - 6.5
Length - Select from drop down menu
Width - Select from tick box
Wood - Kiln Dried Pine
Fixings - M6 metal dowels with 50mm washers and wingnuts

Interior cler space:
14cm width - 10 cm clear path
19cm width - 15 cm clear path
22cm width - 18 cm clear path

There is no difference in the cost of the width of ramp as that's how the woodyard charges us.  The only difference in cost is the length of ramp.